Independent Race Series

LeMans Sports

Inspired by the Prototype Sports Cars seen at Le Mans, the LM Sports cars are high speed, high technology, high action Sports Cars.

With a variety of manufacturers represented, including WEST (USA), Radical (UK), Saker (NZ & Aus), Minetti (Aus) and more, LM Sports boasts outstanding diversity, and some cutting edge technology. The cars feature a broad range of engine configurations, from 1000cc, high-revving motorcycle-derived 4-cylinders, to turbocharged boxer engines, and whilst nobody has been crazy enough to do it yet, we're looking forward to the day when a V8-powered car lines up on the grid! The composite bodies aren't there for show either - some serious downforce is produced by the cars, resulting in amazing grip, and VERY fast laptimes.

Click here to access the LeMans Sports regulations.